Remedial Teaching System - Quality Education in Rural Developing Countries


Quality Education in Rural Developing Countries

"Unless special efforts are urgently taken to extend educational opportunities to the marginalized, the poorest countries may take several generations to achieve universal completion of primary and lower secondary education as well as universal youth literacy… 


Extracted from "TEACHING AND LEARNING: Achieving Quality Education for All”. UNESCO 2013-14

It is widely acknowledged that quality education is a right for every child but most schools in disadvantaged areas are failing to achieve this goal. We should come up with innovative processes to fix this situation. Reasons why achieving quality education is a challenge can be looked at  in three main aspects:

  • Insufficient number of qualified teachers to drive the process to enhance the quality of teaching and learning. Data from UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS) show that a total of 1.7 million additional primary teaching positions will need to be created between 2010 and 2015 in the World. This situation defeats our goal to achieve quality education for universal primary education (UPE).
  • Quality learning materials are still not available in many disadvantaged areas in developing countries.
  • Financial resources are still lacking to achieve the goals of quality education