Remedial Teaching System - How Does RTS Work?

How Does Remedial System Work?

The system is deployed in schools; especially  those in rural communities without electricity and without access to the Internet. The school is provided with hotspot capabilities where learners can access the content on the server everywhere around the school. This system allows the implementation of eLearning and/or mLearning  where it is believed it cannot take place.

Once the system is deployed, every learner is given credentials to access the system. This is important for teachers to monitor what learners are doing and especially monitor their progress.

Once  a learner has the login permission, he/she accesses the course and work on provided activities.


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The system provides feedback once the learner is done with provided activities and this is done for effective learning. This system is not designed to replace the current classroom teaching and learning but to add value to the learning processes.

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Teachers can learn from it as well and then duplicate its good practices . The system provides to teachers with learners’ activities monitoring tools to assess learners activities.

Monitoring activities of Learners